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The first image is now in your window CWin2Dlg dlg Win2; // like a pointer to CWin2Dlg class //==== create and shows the second dialog window ========= dlg Win2. Show Window(SW_SHOW); void Ccam03Dlg:: On Timer(UINT_PTR n IDEvent) To rotate the image we copy the data from arr Image1 to arr Image2 changing lines and colummns in the right manner.

0 degree: no rotation, lines starts from zero to linemax columms starts from zero to columnmax 90 degree: columms starts from columnmax to zero lines starts from zero to linemax 180 degree: lines starts from linemax to zero columms starts from columnmax to zero 270 degree: columms starts from zero to columnmax lines starts from linemax to zero grayblue = arr Image1[index1]; // add 11% grayblue *= 28; graygreen = arr Image1[index1 1]; // add 59% graygreen *= 151; grayred = arr Image1[index1 2]; // add 30% grayred *= 77; grayall = grayblue graygreen grayred; grayall /= 256; To detect motions in an image we need a reference image.

Webcam I and many others want to know why we have to have a special event night to be able to enjoy live music without fear of being shut down by police ,surely if we were allowed live music every weekend it would seriously help Fuengirola 's bats and restaurants.

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1 the simplest webcam program download Web CAM01 source exe 2 use a timer to grab image download cam02 source exe 3 save image to memory download cam03 source exe 4 image mirror; save image as jpg to disc download cam04 source exe 5 rotate image download cam05 source exe 6 toggle from color to grayscale download cam06 source exe 7 motion detection part 1 download cam07 source exe 8 motion detection part 2 download cam08 source exe 9 motion detection part 3 download cam09 source exe 10 motion detection part 4 download cam10 exe 11 save an image xx1if motion detected download cam11 source exe 12 take images from another webcam program download cam12 source exe if you are successful send an email, if one program can be useful for you write, any problem or suggestion? it Create Your own MFC Dialog Project Insert a few lines in the On Init Dialog or download the source code to read an image from the webcam initialize a window handle with cap Create Capture Window and connect this handle with the installed webcam driver.

this program can be used like a webcam-alarm-system you can use another webcam-program and take images in your program to elaborate or modify the image.