Updating uncertainties in friction angles of clean sands

19-Sep-2017 21:54

Risk of Limit-Equilibrium Failure of Long Earth Slopes : How It Depends on Length -- Development of a Risk-Based Landslide Warning System -- Unresolved Problems in Geotechnical Risk and Reliability -- Learning to Live with Geohazards : From Research to Practice -- Geo-Risks in the Business Environment -- The Practical Application of Risk Assessment to Dam Safety -- Random Field Model Parameters for Columbia River Silt -- Reliability-Based Design for Allowable Bearing Capacity by Considering Differential Settlement on Highly Fractured Rock Masses -- Assessment of Levee Site Variability as a Function of the Number of Explorations -- Influence of Geotechnical Dataset on the Range of Influence of Undrained Shear Strength -- Reliability Based Approach to Quantify Montmorillonite Mineral in Expansive Clays -- Subset Simulation and Its Application to a Spatially Random Soil -- Probabilistic Analysis of Basal Heave in Deep Excavation -- Influence of the Scale of Fluctuation of the Friction Angle on the Face Stability of a Pressurized Tunnel in Sands -- Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of a Raft Foundation Supported by Drilled Shafts in Karst -- Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis as a Supplement to a Deterministic Study -- Liquefaction Probability by Probabilistic Version of Robertson and Wride Model -- Design Criteria for the Differential Settlement of Landfill Foundations Modeled Using Random Fields -- Bayesian Updating of Load Settlement Curves for Footings on Cohesionless Soil -- Stochastic vs.

Deterministic Analysis of Consolidation Problem in Natural Alluvial Deposits -- Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings on Spatially Random Soils Using Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansion -- Spatial Variability of Aperture in a Rough-Walled Crack in Surface Soil -- Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis Incorporating Engineering Judgement by Bayesian Inversion -- Site Response Effects on Partially Ergodic PSHA -- A Case Study of Alternative Site Response Explanatory Variables in Parkfield, California -- Estimating Repair Cost and Downtime Due to Earthquake-Induced Damage at Container Ports -- Effect of Fabric Anisotropy on Seismic Response of Strip Foundations -- Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls : Is PGA-Based Design Adequate?

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The ground is one of the most highly variable of engineering materials.However, rigorous and scientific approaches based on probability theory are finding increased attention in the calibration of modern geotechnical codes of practice and these codes can and should be used to aid fundamental engineering judgment.Containing contributions on Code Implementation, Code Application and Code Development, this book provides a single resource that code developers, practitioners, and researchers can use to understand the different choices made by national code developers around the world.In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie.

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