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After the player's Urb washes up at the Bayou, Crawdad Clem and Bayou Boo suspect that they are a vampire, and the player must answer questions to prove that they aren't.

Later, when the player's Urb has to go in the Dark Tree, a Grand Vampire appears, but the player scares them off with a glowing rod.

Since our collection is so large, you’ll also have no trouble finding another dating sim to play after you have finished your first one!

Dating Sims started with only one collection of flash games – our sim dating games.

The only character who is presumed to be an actual vampire is Vicki Vampiress, an NPC who operates the "All Things Draconic" cart in Magic Town.

Sims cannot become vampires, but a magical adult Sim who successfully uses the "Beauty or Beast" charm can temporarily take on the appearance of a vampire.

Games with sex and nudity existed before, but it was just straight porn or “strip poker” type games.

Dokyusei actually had plot and a gaming objective before the sex and nudity came into play.

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If a Souvenir Rack has five Far East Souvenirs on it, all nearby sims will build skills faster.In The Sims 3, skills have been expanded, and something roughly similar to the talent badges from The Sims 2 has been worked into the skill system. Sims who have maxed out any skill receive a certificate which can be sold for §1,000 (price will drop after some time) or hung up proudly on their wall.The interface for The Sims 3 was redesigned, so that information about a skill, statistics and challenges can now be found in the skill journal.All 7 main skills (Cooking, Cleaning, Mechanical, Logic, Creativity, Body, and Charisma) are covered by at least one object.

If Seasons is installed, drinking a veggie cocktail will aid in skill building, and drinking eggplant juice will give a random skill point.Vampires are a life state first introduced in The Sims 2: Nightlife, where they are both playable and non-playable creatures.