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Keep in mind that VLC 0.9.0 is still in development and therefore may at some times be unstable. you're interested in what QT4 is and what it has to offer then click on the image above.________________________________________Here are some links to ideas posted by myself and many others regarding this interface:(1-8)[1] Thumbnail Preview From Seek Bar[2] Display Time in Seek Bar When Mouse-over ()[3] Preview Items in a Playlist[4] Auto Center Interface Based on Desktop Resolution/Interface Resolution[5] Queue Up Items To Be Saved To a Playlist[6] Basic Controls / Mini Interface [Task Bar][7] VLC Starts With Playlist Button Automatically in Embedded mode [8] A More Advanced Media Library[9] Preview Window / Video Window [Bug? Window Decorations Effects[11] Fullscreen Controllers[12] Number Multiple Instances (#)[13] QT4 Super Stretched to Extended Desktop [Bug] ()(17 & 18)[17] Another icon..."No Album Art Found"-Text[18] Reduce the size of the extended settings dialog[19] Basic Controls Down to a Docklet [20] ALBUM ART - VLC should display extra metadata from audio[21] Find Target of Item in Playlist[22] Extra GUI Buttons - Image Clone and Image Split[23] Change Font Style, Size, Color for the Interface and Playlist[24] VLC built-in Mass ID3 Tag Editor[25] Interface Transparency = Better Interface Houdini ()[4] Remember Interface and Column Position[5] A Nicer Looking Interface and Layout (subject to change)________________________________________I'll continue to edit this main post as more ideas are added (Cloud Stalker will too ). It would be interesting (really cool) if there were a thumbnail/preview that pops up in the video window when you move the mouse over a position in the seek bar. The user presses a button on the playlist and it will play all songs/movies for whatever the user specifies in the preferences (5, 10, 15, seconds).Here's how it might look: So it will display a thumbnail so that you can find a particular spot in a movie before you have to click on it (better then seeking by timestamp). So in other words: play item in playlist for 10 seconds, play next item in playlist for 10 seconds, ect.So we're reducing the number of files the game has to load on startup.

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I guess by default this option should be disabled until the user checks the box or enables/disables it via hotkey.

You can post your notes online using the upload button after clicking post reply, or you can always email them to me at tom(at) Friedland - WC Self Insurer -- Severity trending using the data from the WC Self Insurer.

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