Backdating allocation of marital assets into survivor trust

01-Aug-2017 16:14

The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) held a majority of seats in the National Assembly and, with President Serzh Sargsyan as leader, continued to dominate the country’s political scene.The country had a presidential election in 2013 and legislative elections in 2012.The tests must be met discretely, yet concurrently, during the assessment period for the veteran to be eligible.These are: If he or she has suffered from or is suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, then the 70% test is taken to be satisfied.The rule for most benefits is 20-20-20, meaning that you must have been married at least 20 years, your ex-husband must have served at least 20 years, and that you must have been married for at least 20 years of his active duty service.This is generally true for any benefit provided by the US government.

backdating allocation of marital assets into survivor trust-36

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A TTI pension would not normally be payable for more than six months.

I get a lot of email here with a variety of questions. I am divorced from a sailor and I haven’t been active on base for many years.