Accomodating our

30-Dec-2017 19:35

Accommodating is the adjective form of the verb accommodate, and it’s used to describe those who are cheerfully willing to make small adjustments to help you out.

The waiter who is happy to serve the dressing on the side, give you extra cheese on the burger, and swap French fries for mashed potatoes, all because that's how you want it?

NOTE: The following tips were compiled by the Learning Needs & Evaluation Center (LNEC).

Those with additional questions regarding deaf/hard of hearing students or students with disabilities in a class and those interested in other resources related to persons with disabilities should contact the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center/Disability Services Office at 243-5180, [email protected], or visit their website at

This movement,or accommodation, allows the eye to focus on objects across a broad range of distances to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses or contacts.

In particular, this accommodation provides significant advantages in addressing intermediate vision.

The lens produces a single image similar to our natural crystalline lens and requires no neuroadaptation to viewing multiple images.

Our health care professionals are backed by experience, so you are assured with our skills and knowledge in handling the elderly.

Accommodations can even vary for the same student from one class to another.